Youth Engagement Summit, 2018

Aug 06, 2018

Event name:
Youth Engagement Summit, 2018

Year13 –

6th of August, 2018

The Studio, Sydney Opera House, NSW

About the event:
Every year billions of dollars are spent targeting the youth market with the intention of helping them gain employment, education and encouraging them to use a product or service. However, as per the finding of our independent report, After the ATAR (2017), the truth of the matter is “74% of the youth market do not believe that brands engage with them effectively.”

The Youth Engagement Summit gives Australian enterprises the practical tools needed to implement and execute effective youth engagement strategies. Taking a closer look at the natural tendencies of the youth market and the practical steps that enterprises can take to nurture relationships and create more influential connections.
YES18 will show exclusive insights into; Understanding the Psyche of Youth; Engineering Youthful Brand Alignment; Best Social Media Practices; Exclusive First-Hand Youth Data & Research, and much more.

More than just a conference that sheds light on how an enterprise can generate a stronger R.O.I on their marketing dollars, our annual Youth Engagement Summit is about curbing the distressing trend of youth falling into the category of ‘Not in Employment, Education or Training’ (N.E.E.Ts).

The number of N.E.E.Ts in Australia sat at an alarming 580,000 in 2016 and was estimated to be growing by 12,500 per annum. It is one of the biggest challenges our society faces as the economic impact, albeit substantial, pales in comparison to the shocking correlation between the growing number of N.E.E.Ts and the rise in substance abuse, anxiety and depression amongst young people. For this reason, Year13 alongside the Federal Department of Education and Training, Westpac, JMC and HubSpot have joined forces to deliver a full day event dedicated to the exploration of the youth market in Australia.

Thanks to our [Year13’s] ability to connect with and influence youth [15-25 years] via our digital career and life advice platform, we are considered to be Australia's leading youth engagement specialists. As a result we have be able to consult for, and continue to work with, some of Australia's leading corporate and government organisations, to better help the reach, connect and inspire the youth market.

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