VET Practitioner Research Conference

May 26, 2018

When: 26-27 April 2018
Where: AVETRA, VET Development Centre, and Victorian TAFE Assoc.

In 2018, the Australian VET Research Association (AVETRA) in partnership with the VET Development Centre (VDC) and the Victorian TAFE Association (VTA), will hold Australia’s first VET Practitioner Research Conference.

The conference recognises the emerging field of VET-based applied research that promises to contribute to Australia’s innovation agenda and innovation within the VET sector.

VET practitioners and professionals – teachers, trainers, designers, assessors, managers – will be invited to present on their research (short and longer presentation slots will be available), participate in research capability development workshops, and network with other practitioner researchers.

A call for presentations will be made by AVETRA in November.

For more information please download the following PDF from AVETRA:
Event Flyer