Skills today, for work tomorrow. National Future Work Summit.

May 30, 2018

What: National Future Work Summit
When: 30 May 2018
Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Technology & Innovation is rapidly changing the way we work and the roles we perform.

Digital platforms, AI and automation are on the verge of penetrating every industry.

Join us at the summit where we discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead and provide you with practical strategies of how to navigate this new world.


Technological innovation is changing every Australian workplace and every profession. Staying ahead of change is crucial for both a successful career and a successful business.

Ask yourself the following questions, relevant to every profession today:
•Will my job exist in 10 years’ time?
•What will the new careers be?
•What new skills will I need?
•Where can I gain these new skills?
•What jobs will AI replace in my company?
•What new skills will my company need?
•What must my company do to stay ahead?

For more information and tickets please visit the Future Work Summit webpage.