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What is My Skills?

My Skills website is the national directory of vocational education and training (VET) organisations and courses. It is a federal government initiative to enable consumers to search for, and compare, VET courses and training providers.

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Where does the My Skills’ data and information come from?

My Skills receives overnight data updates directly from the national register of VET ( to ensure it has the most up-to-date information on registered training organisations (RTOs) and course availability.

When an RTO is officially registered by a VET regulator, such as ASQA, it is automatically added to My Skills. If an RTO is already on My Skills and it becomes registered to provide additional, or different, training, this will also be added to the My Skills website. RTOs may also log in to My Skills and provide a range of additional information, including:   

  • Descriptions of the RTO’s facilities and services   
  • Locations where training is delivered (including campuses)   
  • Course details, such as fees, durations, and online availability

The following table provides an overview of My Skills data sources:

Data Source
Labour market data Department of Employment’s Job Outlook
Apprenticeship information AATInfo
Subsidy information State and territory training authorities
RTO scope and registration info
RTO course information Registered training organisations directly
RTO student statistics NCVER VET collection
Course outcome information NCVER annual student outcomes survey.
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