Ballistic Training Solutions

RTO Code: 41097 | Type: Privately operated | Registered since 2015

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Training Provider Summary


Ballistic Training Solutions Pty Ltd is a Nationally Registered Training Provider (Provider no: 41097) specializing in the delivery of nationally accredited training programs tailored to industry and client needs.

Specializing in the delivery of Nationally Accredited Training in Business, Management, Work Health & Safety, Training & Assessment and related industry safety programs.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, attention to details and commitment to ensure that you’re learning needs are met with the highest standards of training & assessment services in the industry.

We provide tailored training & assessment services to meet industry and our client’s needs.


Ballistic Training Solutions maintains the highest industry expectation of qualifications, skills and experience when selecting members for its Trainer/Assessor Team. With an active focus on attracting and maintaining industry leading talent we ensure that all team members maintain active industry linkages and undertake ongoing industry development strategies.

 With a skills talent pool covering:

  • Quality Management, Systems & Strategies

  • Work Health & Safety Systems & Strategies

  • Business Management / Development

  • Strategic organisation and people management

  • Specific Safety Programs linked to industry Licencing requirements

  • Project management & support strategies

  • Training & Assessment Design & Delivery

Ballistic Training Solutions has the capacity and capability to support industry leaders in the development, delivery and maintenance of its learning and development and business support strategies for today and into the future.


Our vision is to be the training provider of first choice to key industry and client groups across the Nation. Through our commitment to excellence, quality and service we will develop and deliver innovative training solutions tailored to industry requirements and achieving the training needs of both current and future workforce requirements.


The Team at Ballistic Training Solutions is dedicated to ensuring your specific industry and workplace training and support needs are met.

We will achieve this through:

  • Development of a strategic relationship

  • Ensuring we understand your business and its needs first hand

  • Assist in the review and development of your staff development resources

  • Provide timely feedback and ongoing support service

  • Undertake regular reviews to ensure that your business needs are being fulfilled

  • Ensure that our systems, strategies and training links to current industry requirements and your organizations systems


This Training Organisation provides:

  • Delivery and assessment services
  • Courses of study through Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships.
  • Recognition for prior learning.
Information is provided by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the accuracy or reliability of the information.


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Hayley Tremain - National Business Manager
1300 738 098
PO Box 7502 SIPPY DOWNS QLD 4556, Australia

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Delivery Options

This training provider offers courses in the following delivery modes:

Face to face training

In-person training delivered at the RTO's site. Also known as 'on-campus', 'in-class', 'traditional face-to-face', 'on-RTO-site' delivery.

Offsite training

The RTO can deliver in-person training using facilities at-or-near a client's workplace, or else in a mobile manner (eg. delivery at a regional/remote location for a specific period or for a specific training course). Also known as 'workplace', 'mobile', 'on-client-site' delivery.

Flexible learning

Includes online courses and courses by correspondence. Also known as 'external studies'.

  • Online (training available online or via email submission)
  • Distance (training available via correspondence)
  • Attendance required (training includes some fixed-time online lectures or fixed time class components)
  • Self-paced (training has no set class times of set submission dates)

Mixed mode training

A combination of various delivery modes. Also known as 'mixed delivery'.

Information is provided by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the accuracy or reliability of the information.


Ballistic Training Solutions Headquarters consist of a welcoming, professional training environment designed to facilitate a supportive learning environment for all students.

Information is provided by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the accuracy or reliability of the information.


Ballistic Training Solutions provides industry tailored training and assessment services across a range of industry areas including: Education & Training, Business Administration, Business Management, Leadership & Management, Conservation and Land Management, Firearms Safety, Aviation and Work Health & Safety. 


Information is provided by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the accuracy or reliability of the information.

Financial Assistance

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There are programs for all kinds of students; apprentices and trainees, new job starters, those re-entering the workforce, retraining for a new job or upgrading their skills for an existing job.

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Subsidised Training

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VET Student Loans

This RTO does not currently offer VET Student Loans for any approved courses. A VET Student Loan is a capped loan from the Australian Government to help you pay your tuition fees. Your initial loan debt amount (loan and loan fee, if applicable), plus indexation, must be paid back once you start earning over a certain amount. Compulsory repayment threshold information is available on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website.

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