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RTO Code: 40526 | Type: Privately operated | Registered since 2012
Mr Diwakar Saraswat - CEO
Level 1, 20 Otter Street COLLINGWOOD VIC 3066, Australia
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Sherwood Institute of Australia (SIA) is a registered training dedicated to offering and delivering quality training programs in specialist training areas, we focus on the market needs and offer training programs and access to accreditation that is necessary for both professional development and job outcomes. 

At SIA we deliver both nationally accredited and non-accredited (soft skills) training for students and employers to better develop efficiencies and workplace practices. 

Understanding the growing need for flexible learning solutions, we build and devise our learning programs to cater to the 4C’s ; “Customer Convenience and Constant Communication”. We make it our mission to offer training programs that accommodate our student’s busy everyday schedule and help them progress through their plans for self-development. 

At SIA we maintain a high level of industry engagement through its membership in various industry associations and close working relationship with employers in these industries, this in turn enable us to remain abreast of changes and needs as they arise. Our training is conducted by professionals with “real life” experience, providing you with the opportunity to gain this knowledge first hand. Consistent and timely service and support on all levels are a primary commitment to our clients in order to share an ongoing and positive relationship. and industry expert trainers and staff. 

Why choose Sherwood Institute of Australia as your education provider? 

As an organization and educators we want our students to succeed, so set up our foundations to ensure positive outcomes to our students, staff and employers.

This training organisation provides:
  Delivery and assessment services.
  Courses of study through Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships.
  Recognition for prior learning.
This training provider offers courses in the following delivery modes:
Face to face training

In-person training delivered at the RTO's site. Also known as 'on-campus', 'in-class', 'traditional face-to-face', 'on-RTO-site' delivery.

Offsite training

The RTO can deliver in-person training using facilities at-or-near a client's workplace, or else in a mobile manner (eg. delivery at a regional/remote location for a specific period or for a specific training course). Also known as 'workplace', 'mobile', 'on-client-site' delivery.

Flexible learning

Includes online courses and courses by correspondence. Also known as 'external studies'.

Online (training available online or via email submission)
Distance (training available via correspondence)
Attendance required (training includes some fixed-time online lectures or fixed time class components)
Self-paced (training has no set class times of set submission dates)
Mixed mode training

A combination of various delivery modes. Also known as 'mixed delivery'.

Sherwood Institute Of Australia offers  a range of student srevices to support and facilitate thier education Journey.

this includes: 

- Online access to your course material and platform

- Unlimited Mentor Support via Phone, Skype or Email 

- All resources Mailed to the student address

- Access to Subsidies training through Queensland State funding for eligible students 

L1, 20 Otter Street
Level 2, 8 Clunies Ross Court,

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