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GEM College of International Business (Australia) Pty Ltd also t/as Workright Australia

RTO Code: 0366 | Type: Privately operated | Registered since 1993

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Training Provider Summary

GEM College of International Business (Australia) Pty Ltd also trades as GEM College Australia, Workright Australia, Digital Marketing Academy, EM Academy Australia, Scorpion Training Solutions, eco-Academy Australia and Food Processors. Each business name represents a specialist training domain.

We are an innovative, educational institution, and have been providing a comprehensive range of training and consultancy services in the areas of Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Business and Technology Commercialisation to individuals from all sectors of industry, government departments, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and community groups since 1992.

Our motto is "Global Resources, Local Focus".  This is no idle boast. 

a) GEM College was granted the exclusive global licence by Business Tech International to deliver  the innovative entrepreneurship co-developed with Baylor University (USA)

b) GEM College was granted exclusive global rights to issue academic qualifications against the world renowned Full Spectrum Business Development Programs.

c) Digital Marketing Academy is licensed by Digital Marketing Institute and has been approved to embed its international industry certified programs into our Business, Management and Leadership qualifications. Learners gain dual recognition from industry and academics from Certificate IV to Graduate Diploma levels. This unique curricula, trademarked as GEM Convergence CurriculumTM, is now being offered. The 'Internet of Things' has arrived, and our innovative education and training creates Digital Marketing Champions.

GEM College transforms learners - our educational methodologies are "pracademic", practical in application and rigorous in academic and knowledge management!

At GEM College, we apply the principles of STEM, Entrepreneurship and Digitalisation to Education. We prepare students in schools and equip entrepreneurs, educators and employees for the technological tsunami now on our shores. This "Fourth Industrial Revolution" has significant implications for education and massive ramifications for business. We assist all our clients to make the pedagogical shift as they implement and integrate STEM curricula and IoT Technologies to equip their people for the 'Interconnected World".

Our revolutionary approach can transform all learning cultures, benefitting:

  • School Students
  • Teachers and education managers
  • Systemic and systematic teaching practices
  • Systemic and systematic teaching policies and procedures
  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Systemic and systematic business practices
  • Communities in which these individuals live and their organisations operate

GEM College is committed to the ‘Student Journey’ audit model of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Therefore our MAIN focus is our students, starting with the Enrolment Application Process through to certification.  If you want to be equipped for the future NOW, complete an expression of interest and read how we manage the 'Student Journey'.

This Training Organisation provides:

  • Delivery and assessment services
  • Courses of study through Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships.
  • Recognition for prior learning.
Information is provided by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the accuracy or reliability of the information.


  • Head Office - Icon Head Office
  • Campus - Icon Campus


Dr Luceille Outhred - Corporate Leader
61 8 8342 3316
61 8 8342 2848
52 Prospect Road PROSPECT SA 5082, AUSTRALIA

How do I choose?

Delivery Options

This training provider offers courses in the following delivery modes:

Face to face training

Face to face training options can be delivered in: • Group sessions at the Learner’s worksite, if the Employer has several people wanting to be upskilled; • At GEM College Campus in scheduled courses, usually 1 Unit of Competency per month – followed by practice and collecting evidence of knowledge and performance application in the workplace, over the following month. Some programs may be offered to practitioners (Team Leaders, Managers, CEOs, etc) as Intensives 1 evening a month. The 1st evening is run as a Facilitated Intensive, where the major principles and course requirements for the Unit are covered by a Resident Expert. During the following month Learners work through the Online Campus, complete Activities and Assessment Tasks, gather their evidence to present at the next facilitated session as a “pracademic smorgasbord”. Experienced practitioners - bring samples from the workplace, discuss how they applied their learning and share useful tools with one another.

Offsite training

GEM College is totally flexible in the way in which it delivers solutions to meet your learning needs. We can deliver onsite at your premises, in a conveniently located venue, or via online learning - accessible to your staff, at any time, in any place and from any screen. The GEM College online campus has a high degree of interactivity including embedded videos Regular intensive “virtual face-to-face” sessions are available through our unique GEM LIVE portal

Flexible learning

All of our courses are offered by flexible delivery. Each qualification or Unit of Competency is offered via the GEM College Online Campus, with assessments undertaken through: • Submitting evidence online; and • Assessment undertaken in the workplace by qualified Assessors, or Subject Experts, accompanied by a qualified Assessor. Distance training is either by: • e-learning - self paced • e-learning - supplemented with LIVE virtual classes (real time or recorded sessions) via GEM LIVE • Print based correspondence when Learners don’t have reliable internet access or internet access costs are prohibitive. All learning is considered “self-paced”. Even when Learners attend face-to-face training they may, for a range of reasons (work responsibilities, personal leave etc), get out of synch with the rest of the group. GEM College Online Campus enables Learners to continue their studies and complete their assessment requirements at their convenience.

  • Online (training available online or via email submission)
  • Distance (training available via correspondence)
  • Attendance required (training includes some fixed-time online lectures or fixed time class components)
  • Self-paced (training has no set class times of set submission dates)

    No need to wait! Students enrolling for e-learning or blended delivery are able to start as soon as they indicate that they are ready to start. Rolling enrolments available.

Mixed mode training

GEM College is able to deliver via e-learning for individuals. Students study at their own pace, their own place and from their screen of choice (PC, tablet or smart phone). Individual mentoring, group facilitated learning (face-to- face) and blended learning is available. "Dawn" and "Twilight Intensives" (including webinars) may be arranged for executives, senior managers and experienced practitioners as required.

Information is provided by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the accuracy or reliability of the information.


GEM College Australia has its international headquarters at 52 Prospect Road, Prospect 5082, SA.

Face-to-face training is offered at individual campuses around Australia and in conjunction with mobile GEM Licensed Consultants.

Group training can be conducted onsite in any city or region within Australia. If facilities are not available at the workplace, GEM College will hire a suitable training venue and/or deliver online training using the GEM LIVE virtual classroom facility.

Training is available for off-shore students individually or in groups through our GEM LIVE virtual classroom infrastructure. Corporate training off-shore can be delivered face-to-face under standard commercial contractual arrangements (subject to COVID-19 restrictions permitting).

For information on our facilities see the GEM College prospectus and the GEM College website which provides details on all of our campuses.

Information is provided by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the accuracy or reliability of the information.


Digital Marketing:
As a major stakeholder in the Digital Marketing Academy, we are able to deliver internationally recognised, stand-alone industry certifications (through the Ireland based Digital Marketing Institute). GEM College is one of the few educational institutions globally that have been approved to embed these professional diplomas into academic qualifications. Using the GEM Convergence Curriculum™ methodologies, the GEM Curriculum Team developed a unique education framework in Digital Marketing Management, enabling us to offer Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Graduate Diploma with Digital Marketing specialisations.

Business Coaching:
Don Farnden is a globally recognised Master Coach, he and his associate Philip McMartin provide business coaching based on the Full Spectrum Development program, through GEM College's strategic alliance partner Boost Business Results. Dr Luceille Outhred and Brendan Lindstrom are also experienced and approved business coaches.

GEM College holds the exclusive global rights to provide internationally recognised academic qualifications based on Full Spectrum Business Development program. Full Spectrum topics are embedded in GEM College’s high-quality educational qualifications, enabling entrepreneurs and their workforce to gain credit status towards Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma business qualifications. It’s what GEM College calls pracademic entrepreneurship.

Continuing Professional Development for Aged Care, Disability Care, Home and Community and Care is provided through our strategic alliance partner, Silver Service Care

Renewables and Waste to Energy:
We are committed to sustainability and the Circular Economy, and GEM College has a sound track record of incubating emerging technology companies including those dedicated to caring for the environment. Our partnership with BSMART Constructions, New Alchemy, Power4U Energy Systems, Regenerative Resources and Spinergy is contributing to the development of unique resources for our eco-Academy to be launched mid 2021.

Business Consultancy and Incubation:
GEM College has provided a range of business consultancy services including incubation of early stage technology companies, through its Workright Centre for Entrepreneurship over the last 22 years.
As a business innovation and information company, we develop businesses and their strategies, by assisting in raising capital, developing collaborations and partnerships, providing interim management support, and developing and mentoring the existing management teams.

GEM College provides product lifecycle support, advice, and development through our “know-how network” of business professionals, including:

  • intellectual property
  • business model development
  • interactive financial modelling
  • structuring critical path to market
  • introducing strategic partners
  • 3 stage market research
  • personnel recruitment advice
  • introduction to potential investors

Information is provided by the Training Provider. No warranty is given by the Commonwealth as to the accuracy or reliability of the information.

Financial Assistance

The federal, state and territory governments provide financial incentives and support for vocational education and training students to help them gain the skills required to secure and maintain rewarding and sustainable employment.

There are programs for all kinds of students; apprentices and trainees, new job starters, those re-entering the workforce, retraining for a new job or upgrading their skills for an existing job.

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If you are leaving school or looking for work, you may be able to study a free or low-fee course through JobTrainer.

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Subsidised Training

State and Territory governments dedicate funds to reduce or, in some cases, fully cover tuition fees for VET students. This Training Provider is approved to deliver subsidised training in the following highlighted states and territories. Click on a state or territory below, or contact the Training Provider, for more information.

VET Student Loans

This RTO does not currently offer VET Student Loans for any approved courses. A VET Student Loan is a capped loan from the Australian Government to help you pay your tuition fees. Your initial loan debt amount (loan and loan fee, if applicable), plus indexation, must be paid back once you start earning over a certain amount. The compulsory repayment threshold for the 2019-20 income year is $45,881.

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